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Star Fruit (Imagery)

I used to sit high up in the sky

Where no one could reach me

I would laugh at the children

Whom would jump up and try to touch me

I would laugh and laugh

Until my center hurt

But then one day I laughed too hard

God got angry

He said:

I will send you down to the children

And they will eat you

They will laugh at you

They will scrub at you

You will be disgusting

Just like those humans

Until you are cleansed

Just like those humans

And just like that

A star fell out of the sky

And into the trees

And the star hung there until one day

He was picked by the same children he laughed at

The children sniffed at him and licked him

Their faces were in disgust

The children took him home and washed him

When they smelled him again

He was



And pleasant

At that moment the star fruit learned to love children

Star fruit learned his lesson

Star fruit was made


Liliana roman ©









Bob Dylan

In my dreams I saw a young child beside a dead pony

The tears streamed from his eyes the color of blood

He looked at me and said:

“he won’t wake up.”

His wails grew louder and louder

His pain coursed through me like a hundred swords

All of a sudden I was outside

I knocked on the glass trying to get to the boy

The tears he was crying flowed like a river

The blood grew and grew until it was as tall as he

He asked me:

“Why did you leave me?”

With a scream he went under

With a scream he drowned in his bloody tears

When I awoke I could still feel his pain

Hear his screams

Every night I had to watch

Every night I had to feel

Until the little boy beside the horse was gone

The next night I met a man whom was wounded with hatred.

The man that was me


Liliana roman ©



The Places I Have Been (places)

Guns were shooting

People were screaming

Knives were stabbing

Children were crying

Children were hardened

A day in the projects on New York


Mama got a job

People yelled

Houses were robbed

Children were beat

Children were hardened

A day in the ghettos of New York


Mama’s going to school

People smiled

There were block parties

People occasionally yelled

There were fights some of the time

Children were played with

Children were children

A day in the neighborhoods of New York


Liliana Roman ©






I Wish (places)

I wish it would rain

I wish I had my mother

I have neither



My name is Carmen Liliana Roman

 I am your daughter

You beat me

You burned me

You made me bleed

You made me cry


I forgave you

I forgave you every time you laid your hands on me

I love you

I want to be with you


When you replied

You replied with love

You said

Come in baby

Its raining hard

I believe we have some catching up to do


I  said

Yes mama its raining, hard

I  took your hand

And pulled you outside


We  laughed

We  danced

We would throw our hands in the air and let the rain soak us

It never rains like this is New York

It was clean

It was fun

It was cleansing


It cleansed us of our mistakes

Our pains

Our suffering

And let only joy

Pure joy


We are so happy

We are close to tears

We lived happily ever after


I wish


Liliana Roman ©


(Not sure what the other text at the top is about, sorry guys!)

Say Cheese! 25 Celebs Who Smiled In Their Mugshots (PHOTOS)

Global Grind

justin bieber mugshot

Justin Bieber’s mugshot was released today and as far as mugshots go, his is fucking awesome – slightly unnerving – but still awesome.

Obviously, Bieber is probably a little stressed out as the blogosphere continues to harp on his recent arrest for allegedly drag-racing, driving while under the influence, and resisting arrest in Miami. Still, the 19-year-old attempted to take things to the next level and make this an even more memorable moment for himself and the world with a happy mugshot.

This is a hard time for Biebs, his family, and Beliebers everywhere and we hope he learns from his actions... but in the meantime, who can be mad at a mugshot like his?

We gathered 25 photos of celebs smiling in their mugshots below.

…George Boedecker’s is by far the creepiest of them all.

[ione_media_gallery id=”3919864″ overlay=”true”]

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By writeyourheartlr

Justin Bieber: I Got Prescription Drugs From My Mom — Report

Hollywood Life

The Biebs admitted to being under the influence of prescription drugs, alcohol, and marijuana when he was arrested for a DUI and drag racing in Miami on Jan. 23, but he also reportedly admitted he got prescription anti-anxiety meds from his mother, Patti Malette.

Justin Bieber allegedly told Miami police that he got the prescription drugs that were in his system at the time of his Jan. 23 arrest from his mother, Patti Malette, reportedTMZ. He admitted that he took prescription anti-anxiety medications, used marijuana, and drank alcohol before racing Lamborghinis with his friend, rapper Khalil.

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By writeyourheartlr

Justin Bieber arrested in Miami for DUI, drag racing, etc.

Justin Drew Bieber was arrested in Miami Beach (that’s sort of “Miami”) for resisting arrest non-violently, having drunk alcohol (being underage), and having a suspended driver’s license. Justin Bieber also reports having taken marijuana and other drugs. He was in court in Miami soon after his arrest, as can be seen in this video:

I don’t understand Justin Bieber … in his position he’s blowing tens of thousands of dollars, renting Lamborghinis, etc. He should be more mature, and less douche. He appeared nervous in the courtroom, and he’s reportedly left (possibly) with his father from the courthouse in a Cadillac Escalade.

Here is a photo of him on his way to being booked:


First it was assault rumors of him beating up a little girl, then he attacked a camera woman, then he reportedly assaulted a bodyguard. Later, it was egging his neighbor’s house, police raiding him and TMZ…

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By writeyourheartlr

Justin Bieber Cries In Court, & Body Language Says He Is ‘Scared To Death’

Hollywood Life

Justin Bieber may have been smiling in his mug shot after his Jan. 23 arrest, but after his televised bond hearing the singer was reportedly crying his eyes out. Find out all the details — including an EXCLUSIVE read on that mug shot by a body language expert — below the jump!

Justin Bieber is facing fines and jail time for driving under the influence, drag racing, resisting arrest without violence, and driving with an expired license after his Jan. 23 arrest in Miami Beach. He looked almost eerily happy in his mug shot, but has EXCLUSIVE details on how Justin really feels about his arrest.

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