Demon Hunting

Hey guys! This is the beginning of a new story I’ve started. Hope you enjoy! Please give me comments and critics! This story changes focal points as the font changes. I think you’ll get it once you start reading. 🙂

I stabbed him over and over again. I couldn’t stop.

I watched the blood drip off of my hands as tears poured down my face. The man chuckled as he sauntered over to me. I tried to move but I was frozen in place. He looked into my eyes and said

“See, I knew you could do it.”

She is so reluctant. Why? It was only a little blood. The first is always the hardest, but why? She took the knife and raised it above her head as she cast her eyes onto the man’s face. Tears were pouring down her face like a waterfall. She’s supposed to be the best one? Why the hesitation? She is destined for greatness. She brought the knife down on the man’s head squirting blood everywhere. She pulled the knife out with a grunt and even though the man was already dead from the first blow she brought it down again. I let her continue for what seemed like hours until she tired. I laughed thoughtfully and said

“See, I knew you could do it.”                                      

“Why are you doing this to me?” I screamed, “Why?” He finished cleaning up the bloody mess and put the body in a bag.

“Because, you are a demon hunter and this is what you do. You hunt demons down and slay them to ensure the protection of human kind. It is your duty child….like it or not.”

Spots swam before my eyes as I fought for consciousness. “No!” I told myself, You will not let yourself appear weak to him!” I couldn’t stop crying. My tears were turning into sobs as I heard a noise. Something was shuffling inside the bag. The bag began to moan as Jason threw it on the ground.

“This is why we kill demons,” he said. With a smirk, he took the string off from on the bag and something black and disgusting slithered out. The creature appeared to be a snake and left a black trail of ooze behind it. The snake smelled so horribly that I covered my face forgetting that the creature was headed towards me. Just as I realized that the creature was in front of me I was flying through the air. I shot through the glass of the house and felt my bones creak and crunch on impact. I gasped as I lay crippled on the grass staring at the snake on my chest. It whispered,

“Let go, come with me. We will be together forever. Come with me. It’ll be fun. We can forget this nightmare, and go have fun. We can dance and sing in Heaven’s safe gates. Come with me.”

A smoky black curtain surrounded me and in an instant I was in a field of flowers. I sat up to see my family staring back at me. More tears came out of my eyes as I sprang up and ran towards them. Just as I was about to touch my father’s hand, black ooze began to drip from my family’s heart. My little brother looked up at me and said,

“Stella please stay with me. Please.”

He reached his hand up for me to grab it. Just as I lunged for his hand I found myself lying in the grass crippled once again. I painfully lifted my head at the smell of burnt skin. The creature’s ooze had burnt through my clothes and had started on my skin. I let darkness consume me in hope that I would find myself awakening from a nightmare in my orphanage’s bed when I opened my eyes next….




Much to my disappointment I woke up in a plush bed with black linens. Why black? I was expecting white and silk…you know….to go with the whole demon hunting theme…I was thinking that it would kind of be like the Lord of the Rings, you know….ugh, never mind.  I jumped as the door creaked open to reveal a girl. She was probably around fifteen or sixteen, her features were rough. Her eyes were such a dark brown that they almost looked black. Her hair was in corn rolls with feathers tied in. Her skin was a caramel brown like my own. There were three prominent scares on her left cheek, as though an animal slashed he cheek. She was wearing a flowing brown shirt that tied above her belly button. She had goggles hanging on her neck and her pants were tight and black. She had a belt that hung fashionably to the side. It held a gun and a knife. To be honest…. she scared me.


I let her look at me and judge my appearance. Everyone did it. I looked at her as well. Just by looking at her eyes I could tell that she was soft. Even though her skin was brown her eyes were blue. It was an odd combination, but on her it was beautiful. Other than the acne dotting her face, she was flawless. Her hair was fluffy and straight all at the same time. Her innocent eyes scared me, but I won’t let her see the fear in me. Still, how can she be so innocent? Isn’t she supposed to be the best of the best? Where’s the roughness? I could tell that she was scared of me. I also don’t think that she knows that she’s naked.


She moved towards me as if she was afraid that I would run. I didn’t budge. I couldn’t let myself be scared. Not now. She stopped and turned to a closet.

                “You probably want some clothes, huh?”

Much to my embarrassment I looked down to find myself stripped bare.

                “It’s alright,” she said, “I was in your position once.”

I looked at her with my face blank….trying not to show any emotion. She pulled out a bra, undies, and several other articles of clothing from the closet….

© Liliana Roman and LRoman, 2014. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Liliana Roman  and LRoman with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.


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