The Good Bad Sexy Report with Alena Lee 11.12.13

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Kanye West just might be the better parent between him and Kim Kardashian. He left Leonardo Dicaprio’s birthday party, which was in New York, just to fly all the way back to Los Angeles to take North West to her doctor’s appointment. Kim Kadashian flew  back with West, but was not with him when he was on his way to the doctor’s office.


When will the madness stop for Justin Bieber? So, the video recorded of the singer sleeping has gone viral, and the woman who recorded the video, Tati Neves, 27, said in a recent interview that she did in fact sleep with him. She even claims that he was good in bed!


Guess who’s making a comeback in the porn industry??? Jenna Jameson! Desperate times, call for desperate measures. Jameson swore back in 2008 that she’d never return, but she needs money to take care of her kids.

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