Selena Gomez Shows A Ton Of Skin In Sexy Bikini Pics

Hollywood Life

Selena revealed her amazing bikini body when she posted three new Instagram pictures of herself relaxing with friends on a Florida beach on Oct. 28. Is she hoping her ex Justin will see her sexy new swimsuit pics and come running?

Selena Gomez took a break from her hectic schedule to soak up the sun and show off some serious skin on a beautiful beach! Selena, 21, appears totally content and carefree in these new photos. Good for her! Read on for more details and check out the pics here.

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11 Year Old Rambo

The Dram Shop Act

An undisclosed 11 year old took a few fire arms, 400 rounds of ammunition, and multiple kitchen knives to his Frontier Middle School in Washington state a couple days ago. He was planning on dealing with somebody that was bullying his buddy. I guess the bully was calling him gay or something. Understandable. However authorities intervened before anybody was hurt. Imagine thinking that 400 rounds was necessary to take out one person. When the 11 year old’s parents were questioned all they muttered back with was “We only noticed a few kitchen knives missing.” Apparently these parents were once Nobel Peace Prize winners. Regardless, investigations continue.

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YouTube is a GOLD mine

Give Life Back To Music

There were a time where MySpace was the KING for discover new talent but now it’s on YouTube that teens share their passion to the World. Whether you’re a composer or performer, a pop princess like Britney or a crazy rocker like Tokio Hotel, post videos on YouTube may be paying. So today I will introducing you 5 persons who thanks to YouTube became famous.

  • The first one is the famous one, Justin Bieber discover by Scooter Braun in 2008, he is now a worldwide phenomenon. His mother, Pattie, post videos of Justin singing on YouTube so the rest of his family and friends can  see him. The popularity of Justin’s YouTube account increases more and more. They will be viewed by Scooter Braun who will later became the producer of Justin.

  • The next one is Avery. Her debut single and video, “Love Me or Let Me Go,” was released…

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