Justin Bieber Reveals Why He Is No Longer Speaking To BFF Lil Twist

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Looks like we wont be seeing any ridiculous pictures of Justin Bieber in a onesie anytime soon because Bieber is no longer talking to BFF Lil Twist.  What has caused Bieber to tick? Stolen jewelry!

While Bieber has been on tour Lil Twist and Lil Za were staying in his LA mansion.  While they were staying there, several parties were thrown and Bieber has just found that jewelry and several other expensive items were stolen.  As of now, Bieber is not sure who stole the items but is blaming it all on Lil Twist and Lil Za because they were staying there. Biber has now kicked them out of his house and is not on speaking terms with them.

According to several sources, Bieber is trying to clean up his act! Instead of showing up hours late for his concert, Bieber has been showing up 15 minutes early and even…

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