One Direction and Social Media

The Little Things

Extraordinary now is the name of my blog. Why?

I have been a huge participant in enjoying the little things in life, the small things. Roll with the punches. You gotta bend with the wind. Go with the flow. When you do, you will find that living your extraordinary life starts now!

Speaking of extraordinary, you know what else is extraordinary? Besides me. One Direction. My friend and I went to see the One Direction movie last night in a theater that was filled with a bunch of twelve year olds and their moms. That’s okay, we embraced our inner 12 year old girly-ness and fangirled over the boy band the entire time. But it got me thinking. Social Media sure has changed even from just five years ago. Now, celebrities have not only grasped an understanding of the importance of social media through Facebook, twitter, email, etc., but they…

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