The Hairy Hilarity of Young America’s Heartthrob

The stache is ridiculous but if he likes it…It’s his life.


ImageLove him or hate him, in recent days we’ve been begging the question that has baffled us all: what’s the deal with Justin Bieber’s new stache?

Bewilderment for the 19-year-old’s fuzzy face has permeated the pages of Perez Hilton (“O.M.G. What is on Justin Bieber’s face?!”), E! Online (“Cue the bar mitzvah music, because Justin Bieber is a man now!”), ABC News (“He’s no Ron Burgundy…but Justin Bieber is trying his best to rock a mustache.”), and The Cut (“For a pubescent multimillionaire desperate to prove his manliness, this is a big moment. The fame-per-follicle ratio is simply staggering.”).

And if the commentary isn’t enough to prove that Biebes’ new facial hair is a really big deal, then check out some of the accompanying slide shows, like E! Online’s Photoshop spread, The Cut’s uncomfortably close zoom-ins, and Just Jared‘s gallery of the Biebes showing off his new face to…

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