Justin Bieber Drops ‘N-Word’ On New Music Track?!

Oh okay….I guess I should read the whole article before I go on rants! Sorry JB!!!!!

Z 107.9

Justin Bieber Performs On NBC's "Today" - November 23, 2011I’ve put aside the pit-bull puppy attacks on paparazzi; the iced out grills attempt in hopes to affirm his street cred; his awkward and abusive bromance with Young Money artist Lil’ Twist; and peeing in a bucket at a fast food restaurant. But no more will I overlook his obnoxious, pretentious and misguided determination to be the next Chris Brown, with lighter, whiter skin.

Because dropping records with Drake and pretending to be so hard despite blaring White privilege, wasn’t working Bieber decided to take steps farther and do what no other White person (even Rush Limbaugh) has been able to do without being shunned–say the n-word. “She wants me to be her n***a,” he allegedly sings on “What She Wants.”

People in Justin’s camp called the tune a fake.

Justin’s camp tells TMZ … someone went to YouTube and created a fake account which looked very similar to…

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