Tears from a Falling Star

John SterVens' Tales

I’m going to say it is what it is, that’s another lie I tell myself so I can sleep at night. Everything troubles me; I’m haunted with the wrong that’s happening around me. I feel helpless standing there while someone thinks it’s okay to be ugly. I’m going to say that’s the way they were brought up, that’s another excuse I use to try to justify their lack of common sense. I tear up because it’s taking forever for the change to come. I’m going to say it has gotten better, that’s not good enough. I can’t lie; I do feel grateful because I know there were others that had it worse. So does that mean it is okay for people to be closed minded? Throwing a stone at others, not stopping to realize is there a reason for doing it in the first place. Picking others apart, maybe that…

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By writeyourheartlr

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