JUSTIN BIEBER Gets Completely Naked With Guitar, Serenades Grandmother (PHOTOS)

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JUSTIN BIEBER gets totally naked-with only a guitar covering his private parts-and serenades his grandmother, as seen in leaked photos that’s started circulating celebrity gossip websites.


justin bieber naked tmz photo

These past few weeks, Justin Bieber has been shocking us with some typical bad teen behavior, such as reckless driving with his ultra expensive cars, shoving stuff in his pants and peeing into mop buckets, to name a few.

But this time, he’s reached a whole newlevel.

In newly-leaked photos reportedly taken during Canadian Thanksgiving in November 2012 at his grandmother’s house in Toronto, the Biebs is seen butt naked-save for a guitar to cover his frontal area, a la “Forrest Gump”-and playing a random tune for Granny while at her house in Toronto.

justin bieber naked tmz1

TMZ, who was able to obtain photos of the stunt, reports that his relatives (including his grandma) cracked up but asked him to please get dressed.

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