Tears from a Falling Star

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I’m going to say it is what it is, that’s another lie I tell myself so I can sleep at night. Everything troubles me; I’m haunted with the wrong that’s happening around me. I feel helpless standing there while someone thinks it’s okay to be ugly. I’m going to say that’s the way they were brought up, that’s another excuse I use to try to justify their lack of common sense. I tear up because it’s taking forever for the change to come. I’m going to say it has gotten better, that’s not good enough. I can’t lie; I do feel grateful because I know there were others that had it worse. So does that mean it is okay for people to be closed minded? Throwing a stone at others, not stopping to realize is there a reason for doing it in the first place. Picking others apart, maybe that…

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Justin Bieber Reveals What It’s Like To Fall In Love: I’m A Romantic

Hollywood Life

Selena and Justin may only be friends with benefits right now, but we know he treats her like a princess! In a new interview, Justin reveals that he really is a romantic at heart, and enjoys the process of falling in love.

Looks like Justin Bieber really means it when he sings his love songs. With his mom as such a terrific role model, Justin is opening up about the way he treats his girlfriends. Sounds like Selena Gomez is a lucky girl!

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Justin Bieber: ‘I Can’t Wait To Have A Beautiful Wife & Kids’

Hollywood Life

The Biebs is ready to become a dad! In a brand new interview, Justin revealed that he dreams of becoming a father and settling down with a ‘beautiful wife.’ Get all the details here!

Justin Bieber has had his fair share of gorgeous girlfriends and sexy dates, but what he’s really craving is the family life! He is super close to his little brother Jaxon, 3, and sister Jazmyn, 5, and he revealed that he “can’t wait” to have little ones of his own.

Justin Bieber’s Wife Wishes: He ‘Can’t Wait’ For Wife & Kids

Justin, 19, is already planning for his future — and if it’s up to him, that future will include a big family!

“I can’t wait to have a beautiful wife and little kids running around,” Justin revealed to In Touch magazine. Justin’s used to having kids around, thanks to his two young…

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Things that happend in the world today.


Hey world, well what’s going down? Well here is what I have learnt today.


Unless you were one of the 361481 babies born today you will know who Justin Bieber is. Or as I like to call him Jbiebz. Well he is still being a fucking tool.


Apparently a member of one direction got engaged. Twitter is going MENTAL, the fans are doing the above, and I FUCKING LOVE IT.


Soup is SOUPER

In other news, I realised drinking wine out of a diet coke can makes you look less of a drunk, and more of an anorexic, and I also renamed my mother to ‘birth giver’ in my phone.


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