Big Pics: Paris Hilton, Justin Bieber & Kim Kardashian

The World of Celebrity

Paris Hilton


Paris partied with model Cara Delevigne in Cannes last night. I didn’t actually know they were friends until Paris captioned the pic with: “Such an amazing time out with my girl@CaraDelevingne last night. Love her! Always have the best time together. ” Paris also had a great time making out with her boyfriend River Viiperi.


Vanessa Hudgens


Vanessa is like the queen of boho chic but this time, she added a gothic twist, adding a hint of Dracula to her ensemble.

Justin Bieber


I can’t think of any situation where shorts and knee high socks are acceptable, yet Justin acts like he is the coolest. He’s completely unaware of the fashion crime he is making.

Kim Kardashian


Someone please tell Kim Kardashian she can stop wearing heels. Just look at her swollen ankles! I’m amazed she hasn’t broken the shoes. She must be in so much pain. Seriously, lady…

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