YouTube Stars

Celebs Using Social Media

Social media has become such a large, all encompassing community, that it allows celebrities and fans to intermingle easily. It also, however, is so large and all encompassing that it has the ability to create stars.Platforms such as YouTube have made it easy for average people to enhance or create fame. Social media has created new kinds of stars: the YouTube Star, the Twitter Star, etc. These people are strictly famous in the world of certain social media sites, showing that social media can indeed create fame because of its ability to share things with the entire world.

One specific example, of course comes to mind: Justin Bieber. Bieber became famous through YouTube when he started posting videos of himself singing at age 13 in his home. From there he was discovered by agents searching for new, young talent. Bieber is now a superstar singer with 38,549,949 followers on Twitter

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