Celebrity April Fool’s Day Pranks

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There were plenty of celebrity April Fool’s jokes going around yesterday.  Here’s a sample:

#1.)  On “The Talk” yesterday, SHARON OSBOURNE “announced” that she’s pregnant.  She said she went to an in vitro clinic, got a donor egg, mixed it with OZZY’S sperm and had it implanted in her 60-year-old womb.

She later revealed that she was joking.

#2.)  SNOOKI announced on Twitter that she and her baby-daddy JIONNI LAVALLE eloped.  The poorly-Photoshopped picture she posted to prove it was kind of a giveaway, though.  (–Check it out here.)

#3.)  A MILA KUNIS fan page . . . not her official page . . . posted that she and ASHTON KUTCHER are expecting.

#4.)  JUSTIN BIEBER Tweeted a phone number that was supposedly his, and said he was taking calls from his fans.  But the number was actually TMZ’s toll-free tip line.

#5.)  SETH ROGEN and JAMES FRANCO posted…

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