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The neighbour who last week filed a police report against Justin Bieber may be pressing charges against the Canadian singer, reports suggest.

Bieber, 19, is alleged to have uttered threats and spit on his Los Angeles neighbour on March 26, and now TMZ reports that the pop star will likely be prosecuted for his actions.

The incident is reported to have taken place around 8 a.m., when Bieber was driving his new Ferrarri around the neighbourbood — at 100 miles per hour. The singer’s prominent businessman neighbour went onto Bieber’s property and told him to stop driving so recklessly at which point Bieber reportedly told him to “Get the f–k out of here” — and spat in his face, adding “I’m going to f–king kill you.”

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The Los Angeles Sherriff’s department is recommending that criminal charges be levelled against Bieber, as the Canadian sensation has shown “disregard for…

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