Amazing choreography.


I know I’ve been a little absent and I apologize for the lack of recent activity but between academic duties and the start of a new blog (check it out!, life got in the way!
There are many things going on this week but as soon as the dust settles I’ll make up for it.
In the meantime, here’s a video of a choreography to, yes a Justin Beiber song, but instead of judging just take a look at how talented these kids are.

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Cody Simpson: Selena Gomez Is ‘A Great Influence’ On Justin Bieber

Hollywood Life

It’s a good thing Selena and Justin have reunited! Justin’s tour mate, Cody Simpson explained to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that he’s so thrilled to see the couple back together — especially because of the positive effect Selena has on the Biebs. Keep reading for more details!

If there’s anyone who knows what Justin Bieber was feeling and who witnessed firsthand how he was acting after Selena Gomez split up with him in December 2012 it’s Cody Simpson, who opened for Justin on his “Believe” tour. And Cody wholeheartedly believes that Justin and Selena’s reunion is for the best, especially in Justin’s case.

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I Would (Justin Bieber/One Direction) – cover by ‘Hello Monroe’


This is what acoustic British/Irish pop sounds like at its finest; female vocal lead with three fine young male instrumentalists. Rona & Aimee (vocals) show stellar harmonies and a fantastic vocal range and I think that is what many bands lack; harmonies because they have a front vocalist and any backing vocals aren’t harmonies, it’s just normal singing. Max & Connor on guitar show exactly what being a band is about; instrumental talent. I like the use of both guitars playing chords to enrich the sound of the song and I like how sometimes Connor drops to lead guitar lines giving the song a more delicate sound. Alex, who normally plays drums, does a nice job here of using a shaker to keep the tempo of the song steady and hold the vocals and guitars together. This is just one, of what I’m sure will be many videos by ‘Hello…

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Selena Gomez: You Were Smart Not To Diss Justin Bieber On New Album

Hollywood Life

Selena, we know you had to be hurting when you split with Justin Bieber. But you deserve a giant high-five for not attacking him on your new album, like BFF Taylor Swift did to Harry Styles.  Your decision to hold back from a diss-athon shows maturity– and it’s made your romantic reunion with Justin possible!

Selena Gomez, not only is your career red-hot right now, but it’s clear that fame hasn’t lured you away from your morals! Justin Bieber may have flirted with models and broken your heart , but you wisely didn’t cross the line into permanently publicly dissing him by recording a revenge song. Instead the one song you added to your album about Justin is apparently focused on your ‘beautiful’ relationship.

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Selena’s New Vibe


She has got a new single out and is possibly back with on again off again pop star boyfriend Justin Bieber.  Oh, and she has a totally new look. Guess who?

Selena’s been sporting belly-dancer type apparel on her latest appearances.  The ultra boho and spiritual look accompanies her new tribal like single Come and Get It. Haven’t heard it yet? Check it out here:

Here are some of Selena’s latest outfit choices for performances

Screen shot 2013-04-24 at 9.20.47 PM

One of her key pieces has been the Hindu accessory and symbol, a Bindi

Selena Gomez Getting Ready To Appear on ELLEN

But this new look isn’t just on stage, the singer has been rocking it out of the spotlight as well

Screen shot 2013-04-24 at 9.21.26 PM

For a similar look, check out these face gems from Urban Outfitters


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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are back together

Phew! Everyone can let out one big Bieber-inspired sigh.

Justin and Selena Gomez are back together — at least according to the evidence that turned up for a flash on Instagram.

As we previously reported, Gomez was spotted landing in Oslo, Norway, where the Biebz was performing last week. It looks like Gomez’s last-minute trip wasn’t to take in the sights of the neutral country. Rather, it was to make good with her estranged man.

According to TMZ, Bieber and Gomez have reconciled — that is, if you happen to see a snap of the two canoodling before he deleted it.

Bieber posted a pic of he and his lady in a loving embrace — but quickly deleted it.

Like any good Beliebers out there, we managed to capture it before the evidence disappeared, as did every other media outlet.

According to People, their love wasn’t exclusive to…

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PHOTO: Justin Bieber Instagrams Then Deletes Selena Gomez Photo

RadioNOW 100.9

As reported by OMG

That Justin Bieber sure is a tease!
On the heels of his reunion with Selena Gomez in Norway, the “Boyfriend” singer dropped a major hint about their relationship status by posting a snuggly photo of them to Instagram on Saturday night. But he seems to have commitment issues — at least when it comes to sharing that particular pic publicly — because he deleted it shortly after.
In the snapshot, the 19-year-old has his hat backward and is giving a dreamy-eyed look to the camera. The “Spring Breakers” star, 20, is leaning in close to the Canadian crooner — almost as if she’s about to kiss him — while she plays with her hair.
While Bieber seems uncertain about what he wants to share when it comes to his relationship with Gomez, he remains fully committed to … showing off his tattoos to the world. During…

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