Justin Bieber hanging out with friends and mystery girl in Paris?!


Justin Bieber has been spotted with another girl!

This time he wasn’t with Ella Paige Roberts-Clarke or Selena Gomez! So who is she?

While in Paris recently, the Biebs’ enjoyed the city of love with his pals and of course stoped at the Eiffel Tower. All was cool with his visit until his friend posted a pic of them and the Tower. People couldn’t help but notice there was a mystery female by JB in the pic…and he had his arm around her!

Justin retweeted from his frien, @theteddyjay, containing the Instagram photo of the four. The caption reds, “Great night with @JustinBieber & @Emmaa_J & Cody Simpson!”

Listed in the tweet as @Emmaa_J, we have no clue who the mystery girl is. from her social media sites, the preety lady seems to be French and a Beliber too.

She also has quite the potty mout and a bad girl side…check out her Twitter background!

Emma hasn’t remained silent about the JB hangout. She responded to the pic tweet boringly by saying, “Lat night was cool.”

Maybe she just doesn’t know that much English?

Bieber fans aren’t letting this one go. The poor girl is already dealing with Beliber hate on Twitter!

So, who do you think she is? Justin’s friend or much more?

http://www.daydreamstars.com for more info.

By writeyourheartlr

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