Justin Bieber booed by fans after he arrives for O2 concert two hours late


Justin Bieber was turned on by his own beloved Beliebers tonight after he turned up for a gig at London’s O2 arena more than two hours late.

The O2 apologised on behalf of the teen idol, tweeting: ‘Justin Bieber is now on stage and apologises for the lateness of his show’, which put it lightly given that he didn’t start performing until after 10:30pm – well after many Beliebers’ bed-time.

Fans were quick to voice their anger at being kept waiting on Twitter, with one user fuming: ‘@justinbieber booed 4 times now, where are u, belibers r waiting x’ and another adding more succinctly: ‘LOL what a douche’.

Bieber’s most recent tweet, ‘Good day’ did not go down well either, with one follower responding: ‘hurry up and get on stage we’re waiting for u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

It has been suggested that the singer could have to pay £10,000 for every minute…

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