Hmm, it the fans how make the decisions that impair their health-not Justin. but a wonderful post nonetheless!

By writeyourheartlr

By writeyourheartlr

Life of Mila

I do get a little tired of all the people who claims that they “hate” Justin Bieber. It’s different from not liking someones music, and hating someone. I don’t like the genre “opera”, but I don’t hate paul pots for that reason. And all the lies, I can’t believe that people still believe in a magazines story after all those times we’ve proven them wrong.

This is a really touching video of Justin, I like that it’s peaceful and genuin. It’s such a cosy acoustic cover

.. and look at him, he really is cute.

I say, keep like Justin Bieber girls, and support him, stop stalk him and attack him when he gets present among us.

I keep my realationship to Justin to a “I like his music and support him” level. There’s no reason to exaggerate.


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A Genius was born a number of years ago, and he has had his golden moment.

Greg Leuch, from Free Art and Technology Lab, has created a Firefox web browser add-on that censors any mention of Justin Bieber’s name on the internet, as well as blocking out any images of the pop sensation.

Greg, we salute you.


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There is only one explanation for this mannequin: Remember that movie Life-Size where the Barbie turns into Tyra Banks and teaches Lindsay Lohan lessons about acceptance and self-worth?

Well, this is basically the same thing except Justin Bieber was once a mannequin before coming to life to teach Lindsay Lohan lessons about tax returns and
what she’s really worth.

The photo found its way online courtesy of Reddit and is amazing if not thought-provoking: When will Bieber abandon those stupid saggy pants and return to the outfit he was “born” to wear—children’s dresses?

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