Haute Cultoure

Listen, I don’t know how your 2013 is going. It’s been, like, 1.5 months of 2013, so there probably ain’t much going on in your life yet this year – unless you’re a celebrity, in which case, you’ve already made a couple mil this year and the world is your fucking oyster and everything rocks. (Assholes.)

5. Justin Bieber

This is a tough one. See, some may say that 2013 hasn’t been too hot for the Biebs. He broke up with Selena and is probably super lonely. He’s also gotten a lot of heat for smoking weed (…!!!!!!!!!OMG!!!!!!!!!!…) and didn’t get nominated for any Grammy’s (…!!!!!!!!!OMG!!!!!!!!!!…) and is probably pissed at the world. HOWEVER, he also just hosted and performed on Saturday Night Live, came out with an acoustic album, and just went on a super fancy family vaca to some secret location (and instagrammed the whole thing). PLUS, now…

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