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We’ve done it! We’ve survived Valentine’s Day. Give yourselves a round of applause everyone!

The night before Valentine’s I visited my folks and whipped out a cinnamon bun from my bag. I told my dad he was welcome to have it and the first thing he asked me was, “Did a boy give that to you?” I gave him a look and said, “Uh… no. I bought it.” My dad’s response was, “Oh” and I swear he looked like he wanted to burst into tears. He ate the cinnamon bun. First of all, I don’t know how cinnamon bun = a boy. Second, was he not going to eat it if a boy gave it to me? Third, really? My dad doesn’t realize by now that I’m just too hot for any man to handle? It was hard to type that with a straight face.

I was very prepared to…

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