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I don’t have a favorite song, so instead I’ll go with the one that is pretty awesome now, which is “Through Glass” by Stone Sour.

It is their second single, written by Corey Taylor while on tour in Europe. He was lying down feebly in a bout of food poisoning at the time. He couldn’t change the television from a European music channel and got very angry as he came to realize that the music revolution had never happened, that all musicians are cookie-cutter and popular because of their sex appeal instead of their song’s content. Corey then wrote down this song… probably more as a rhetorical investigation into his feelings about the whole ordeal.

Anyway, I regurgitated most of that information from The Gauntlet New’s article.

The song is about the hollowing of the music industry (as in its sense of lacking value, significance, and point). Kind of like…

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