by Chris Hitchings

The music industry has had an undeniable impact on the world since going global. To record and launch a song it’s easier than ever. Hypothetically, bar the fact I am tone deaf, there is nothing to stop me writing down some lyrics and getting into the charts of next week. Some of todays biggest stars started on Youtube – Justin Bieber and Azealia Banks, to name only two of many. As easy as it is to get your content on Youtube, it is easy to watch it. Anyone can access it, sans restriction – well, if you’re tech savvy enough to work out how to bypass the content filters, realistically it isn’t hard. This means anyone can be potential role model to youngster around the globe. “Great!” you may think.

I’m inclined to disagree.

You see, what many people don’t realise now about music is that we are constantly being…

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