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Justin Bieber, Lil Twist

Justin Bieber, Lil Twist

Down and dirty.

Justin Bieber spent a day off from his grueling Believe tour to ride four-wheelers with pal Lil Twist.

The heartthrob crooner posted a few pics on his Instagram and captioned the snaps, “Me and Twizzy getting a little muddy.”

Biebs later wrote on his Instagram, “fun day” and “ridin dirtyyyyyyyyy.”

Bieber deserves a stress-free day to enjoy the spoils of all his hard work.

Just this week, the singer released his all-acoustic album called Believe. The singer’s third album is already breaking world records and flying off shelves.

In true Bieber form, he reached out to his fans on Twitter on Jan. 29 to make sure they knew how thankful he was for their support.

“To everyone around the world. Thanks for believing. I am grateful.”

Have you listened to Biebs’ new album yet? What did you think?

Celebuzz Single Player No Autoplay (CORE)

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