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When your sons a mega pop icon, the pressures of trusting his judgements and decisions sometimes carries  a heavier weight. My head hurts trying to figure out how many times Jelena go on and off within the last months…imagine how Justin Bieber’s mom, Pattie Malette feels!

This morning, Patti, was interviewed on The Today Show and of course everyone wants to know what mom think’s of Justin and Selena Gomez’s relationship. How she feels about the two, “You know, I just try and support whatever he’s wanting,” she said. “I think [Selena is] a sweetheart, and whatever they decide is great.”

Patti even admits it’s “tough letting go and letting our kids make the mistakes they need to make.” She said she hopes her son will continue to grow and “learn from my mistakes.” Justin’s mom definitely seems grounded even with all the media buzz. Justin is set to host…

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