Colette Harrington says she was minding her own business at the gym in a North Carolina Ritz-Carlton when Justin Bieber and his crew began verbally abusing her and spitting in her water.

Harrington is a local radio show host. She is doing all she can to make complaints over this event. Bieber’s people say that the guys were just giving each other a hard time, but were saying nothing to her. Interesting.

It just occurred to me that Justin is just a normal punk kid at heart, but all of his celebrity makes every occurrence of rudeness a major story. But that doesn’t make the rudeness any more acceptable.

[audio_link url=”http://cbsy98.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/01232013kykyskimmer1713.mp3″ name=”Paul Cook/Bieber Spit-orade”” artist=”NUGGET”]

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