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You know who Justin Bieber is. But you don’t know who he really is and what he’s achieved.

Justin Bieber was around 13 when he started covering songs and was posting them on YouTube. He would also stand outside Avon theater with his guitar singing, he did a local singing competition in which he came in 2nd.Well he never had the intention for people to see his videos, he wanted to send the links of him performing to his family but the videos started to get 50, then 500, then 15,000 views. People began asking for more covers.

One day Scooter Braun clicked on one of Justin’s videos and he was impressed, so Scooter was determined to find Justin at that point, and his mom. Scooter Braun finally found a way to contact Pattie Mallette, Justin’s mom. They agreed to meet up. She flew to Atlanta Georgia, to record demo…

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