Justin Bieber makes fun of Manny Pacquiao

I think it’s hilarious. And -dude- he’s a teenager. it’s gonna happen.

The Filipino Scribe

Canadian teenage singer Justin Bieber posted two photos in his Instagram page ridiculing Manny Pacquiao. This came a day after the Filipino boxing icon lost to his Mexican archrival Juan Manuel Marquez via knock out in the sixth round of their fourth fight.

The first one is a photoshopped image of Disney character Simba (from the movie “Lion King”) trying to wake up an unconscious Pacquiao. “Dad wake up,” Bieber said in the caption. Check the original image in this link.

In the second picture, the same image of a fallen Pacquiao has been placed side by side with that of Michael Jackson doing his signature anti-gravity lean dance move. “Pacquiao doing the lean with MJ .. Classic moment,” the caption goes. See the original upload here.

The morning after the fight, Bieber posted a photo of Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s knockdown of Marquez during their twelve-round bout last…

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