’s #1 Most Searched Person of the Year

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Last year,’s #1 Most Searched Person of the Year was Justin Beiber


This year, Kim Kardashian takes her #1 spot back from 2010 in now being 2012 Bing’s #1 Most Searched Person!


Still, Beibs is #2 on the list, making him the most searched male and musician thanks to the continuous support from his “Beliebers”.


This reality star did attract people with her relationship roller coaster this year, that also included her new relationship with Kanye West. Her fashion sense is also attracting many women today.


Newcomers to the list include Rihanna, who skyrocketed from #20 in 2011 to #4 this year; Selena Gomez, who jumped from #13 to #7; and Nicki Minaj, to #9 from #23 in 2011. Miley Cyrus made the biggest gain within the top 10 list, jumping from No. 10 to No. 3, most likely due to…

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