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Justin Bieber Wrote Songs On His New Album For Selena Gomez

Hollywood Life

With news that Justin has written two new songs to be included on his upcoming acoustic album, we’ve EXCLUSIVELY learned that he’s written the new material about on-again girlfriend Selena! Read on for all the inside scoop!

As Justin Bieber‘s fans impatiently await the January 29 release of the acoustic version of his hit album Believe, they’re been promised by the Biebs himself that new material will be included on the album, not just acoustic reworkings of his previously-released material! As we’ve just learned, the new music was inspired by on-again girlfriend Selena Gomez!

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Selena Gomez With Family While Justin Bieber Writes Her Love Songs

Hollywood Life

Selena is ending 2012 on a high note after experiencing a few bumps in her relationship with the Biebs. Selena is spending time with her little cousin Sophie and looking forward to hearing songs that Justin wrote about her!

While Justin Bieber is busy putting the finishing touches on his acoustic album, including songs written specifically forSelena Gomez, the former Wizards of Waverly Place star took in a performance of Grinchmas with her cousin Sophie at Universal Studios in Hollywood, California on Dec. 28!

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Blogging for Beginners

On the fifth day of Christmas, your favorite blogger gave to you:

5 tagging tricks:

1. Tag your name—Whether it’s your actual name, the name of your blog, your nickname, whatever, tag it every time. It will come up in Google searches.

2. Tag the unexpected—When you write about something a little outside of your theme, say a current event, a weather happening, a celebrity (ahem, Justin Bieber), go ahead and tag it. A new audience group awaits.

3. Tag outside the box—Most bloggers just don’t know what to tag. Go ahead and start with your name, and your key words. For me, that’s “Holly A. Phillips” and “Blog, Blogging For Beginners, Write… and then move outside, such as 12 Days of Christmas, blog tip, tagging.

4. Tags vs. Categories—These are easy to get confused. I think of categories as more of an internal way of organizing and tagging…

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I like the dress…just lose the weird plastic thing.

Multicolor Style


The colors of the dress are very Gemstone like. Also like koral, metalic and soft colors.
When I look at this dress I see a sunset over sea, while it starts to rain.
The cape is a perfect example of a refreshed piece from something that’s already so over do. Everything together, I see summer sunset and cocktails on the beach.

When I look at this there’s a wave of minimalistic meets uptown schoolgirl. A young girl that doesn’t care but wants to look good. And she always does.

JASON WU 2013.
I see a upperclass business lady who’s really getting somewhere in life. She simple in the good way and can put on pale colors just because the Wu Girl can.

This look is up and top S/S 2013. The dark colors and the sandals mixed with almost a…

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“To me, the greatest pleasure of writing is not what it’s about, but the inner music the words make.”
Truman Capote

I read it and yelled-“Yeah!” Just thought some people might share my happiness for this quote.

“To me, the gre…

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