Justin Bieber must have lost touch with his “swagger” coach because everyone’s one-time favourite super-star has hit a new low in his foray into fashion.

The pop star, who was booed onstage at the 100th Grey Cup in Toronto this past Sunday, was honoured with the Diamond Jubilee Medal in Ottawa by Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Despite the tremendous honour, Bieber managed to miss the dress-code portion of the invite.

Shots of the Canadian cutie hit the web, and he was wearing overalls, a black backwards cap, a white t-shirt and a chunky silver chain, making him the latest victim of a Twitter What Not to Wear war. People from around the world weighed in on the Biebz’s outfit choice, but it was Gawker, which dubbed him the “White Trash Prince,” that stirred up the most controversy and caused the singer to lash-out via the social networking site.


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