Kristen Stewart Reworking Her Image

My Brain Diarrhea

I almost said “revamping” her image before I caught the horrific pun and decided I could not be that big of a tool bag.

Anyway, I dub this story as the one that lost my interest. Oh sure I hastily wrote a blog post about it. But it was anti-climatic. I mean, looking at the photos now, it’s quite obvious how posed they are.

Like, this is a woman who has made it quite clear she hates the papparazzi and is aware of their omnipresence. So, does it really fit she’d cheat with a married man in a car with the windows down, when she won’t even hold hands in public with her boyfriend?

Or the pic of them on the bridge, which looks like a still from a movie.

Looking at it now, I was hasty to not see what an obvious publicity ploy this is. Oh sure, she…

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