Cool. I like the conversation, its just like me and my friend’s conversations.

The San Pico Pirates's Blog

Justin Bieber brought his Believe! tour to Phoenix this past Saturday night.  Seeing a potential post I asked pirate mate Pinky if she would play ace cub reporter and go undercover for the pirates…you know, be a part of the Bieberazzi celebrity press…work the scene!  After all he won’t reach the Northwest until the 8th in Portland, the 9th in Seattle-Tacoma, and the 10th in Vancouver, B.C.  After some serious negotiation and and a blood promise to actually pay up this time, she agreed.  We decided a Q and A format would work best.

  • Snake:  Who did you go with?
  • Pinky:  Friends – Earth, Wind, and Starfire.
  • Snake:  Sounds like a new age band – Sooo, how were the seats?
  • Pinky:  Our seats were pretty good but we couldn’t touch him and I had to stand up the whole time because there was a GIRAFFE in front of…

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