Hmmm…Never thought of it that way.


How important is love? Musicians from the Beatles to Justin Bieber to Marketa Irglova sing its prasies. Most people say love is pretty important. And for the most part, I’ll agree. Normally I will be one of the first to argue that love is necessary. I love the songs that support love and express how wonderful it is. But I also love the truth and recently in listening to some of these songs I have realized how horribly inaccurate some of them are. They sound fantastic when you’re living in the moment and driving down the road with your windows open and singing along with the radio at the top of your lungs. Start to think about them and what they’re really saying, and their arguments start to fall apart.

I’m pretty sure I’ve sworn that I wouldn’t ever mix science and love, but I’m about to do it anyways.

In my…

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