Words Done

Not by me. but really good. amazing in fact. i could feel the words.

Words Unspoken Words

Your words

My words
Are now fighting words

Not words of love

Words of spite

Words of vengeance

Words of discontent

I shall speak no more words Unto you

My words have dried out

Like water wrung out of a sponge

Laid in the sun

My heart I gave it all

I spoke it all

I loved with all

I had to give

You took it

Drinking it in

Pouring it into someone else’s heart

My words I now give to another

Less words for sure

More powerful in there few

Words anew

Words I saved from you

Without knowing

Slowly my heart will moisten again

It will become nourished

By other words than yours

Maybe we used to many words

Maybe our words were to strong

Their strength together weakened them

Like two boulders pounding together

Again and again

Wearing each other down

Leaving behind little pieces

That can…

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By writeyourheartlr

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