test time!!!

i have a huge Spanish test next period that i studies for till like 11 PM for! I’m nervous!! i hat e Spanish it just sounds like a bunch of sounds! do you like Spanish? what other languages do you know or are learning?

By writeyourheartlr

Freinds…..What are they?

My best friend Emily is amazing. however, i was thinking…what is a friend really? My best friend listens to me, understands me, but can also be fun. what are your best friends like? are they always serious? are they monotone? do they like to play around? if you dont have a best friend what are the characteristics of a good friend?

I found this quote on thinkexist.com

“When it hurts to look back, and you’re to scared to look ahead, you can look beside you and your best friend will be there.”

I’m Back!!!!

hey I’m back. to be honest i kind of forgot about the blog. well, its not like anybody’s reading it anyway! lol. My school is putting on the musical God Spell and its going to be awesome!! our leads can act and sing like nobody’s business and the chorus is amazing too. I’m in the chorus and I think I’m pretty amazing…just saying. anyway, its going to be awesome!! there is going to be dancing, singing, acting, and chaos! I’m so excited! if you don’t know what God Spell is your either lame or not from that time. anyway Its sometime in December ill post the actual dates when i have them. oh and how’s school going? i hate it.

By writeyourheartlr