Gay-Pro or Con?????

so people have been asking me lately-are you pro gay of con gay- i’m not sure which to choose. i’m not pro gay because it goes against my religion but i am not con gay either. i have bunches of gay friends but i dont exactly support them in there quest to find love the same gender as them. its not like i can look a every gay person i meet and beat them with a bible! so what do you think? pro or con?


By writeyourheartlr

2 comments on “Gay-Pro or Con?????

  1. You should be pro gay because the bible is just a bunch of paper and it’s a fairy tail. one time i was in the library and i saw a bible in the fairy tail section. i asked the librarian and she said it was supposed to be there. and i believed her. she is a super smart lady and in pokemon her whole team is 75+ level pokemon. Also gayness is better than being straight because it gets you into gay bars which is way better than heaven

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